Whole-Life Millionaire Highlights: Get to Know Our Tribe!

We are so proud of our Whole-Life Millionaires for playing full out in our tribe in order to lead epic lives. So, we’re sharing their stories. Meet some of the people who make our tribe so special, and let their journeys inspire you to take the next step toward your whole-life wealth, fulfillment, and happiness. You’re next! 

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We believe the journey to success can be meaningful, and enjoyable — when you share it with people who care about your goals as much as you do. In M1, we accelerate your path to fulfillment and financial abundance by connecting you with a community of like-minded, high achievers to reach and exceed common goals. Whether you’re just starting out on your personal development journey, or you’re in hyper-growth mode, we have the resources to help you reach the success you deserve.

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Michael Jones

Single family and commercial real estate (not multi-family).
Prior to joining M1, I was always very money motivated, but I didn’t have all the tools and network I needed to really hit my goals. I operated from a scarcity mindset. After joining M1 and being surrounded by people who wanted more from life AND who were actually doing something about it, I was compelled to take action myself. Just shy of a year into the program, I bought my first investment property even though I didn’t have it all figured out. That was really the catalyst to the rest of my growth. I learned that I can’t earn and save my way to wealth, you have to make strategic and smart investments to accelerate wealth.
I’m able to take in a lot of information, even on things I don’t know or understand right away, and I’m able to quickly grasp them so that I can take action or see patterns that others don’t see.
Learn as much as you can and you must learn by doing. Learn to love being uncomfortable and be willing to fail. You must also be authentic. Don’t act like you’re wealthy or have it figured out. Be real and that will catapult you to success.

Paul Thompson

Not much has changed other than I have a better lexicon of concepts/ideas to deal with daily life

Listening and Business Strategy

Build your wealth brick by brick. And choose what your “brick” is very carefully

Cara Kennedy

I used to pride myself on overworking and self sacrifice and previously thought life hard to be hard to progress for success. I have since increased my health & relationship efforts, and have found a better balance to life and now expect good things to come to me as I get in “flow” in my holistic approach to life.

I am great at building rapport with people and making them feel comfortable and welcome! This benefits me in sales environments as well as in large social settings. I can read emotions pretty well too, which can be very helpful in seeing through half-truths.

Focus on the process. Be patient. And keep showing up for yourself. Progress doesn’t happen overnight and you’ll be your hardest critic along the way. Surround yourself with people who will help and push you. YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!

Phil Capron

Before M1, I had a pretty good life. I pursued and found varying levels of success in several endeavors including playing drums in a traveling rock band, playing poker professionally, and being selected to serve in a Special Operations unit in the US Navy. However, there was something holding me back from achieving the highest of level of success as I walked each of these paths. When I separated from the military, I didn’t have much to show for myself and quickly got to work as a real estate agent (as I wasn’t qualified to do much else). Again I did well, but not well enough for my standards. I thought perhaps flipping houses was the answer, and found that to be more profitable than real estate brokerage, but it still didn’t afford me the type of lifestyle I’d always wanted. At that time, I found M1 and got to work on myself.
The supportive and encouraging environment the Tribe provided was really what I needed to step up to the next level. Within 6 months I had closed on my first small apartment building, and within a year I had closed my first major deal with the help of one of Rock’s Board of Advisors. That deal added approximately $400,000 to my net worth and $50,000 to my Horizontal Income. Since then, I’ve closed on over 470 apartments in various partnerships and syndications.
I’m enjoying a constant string of Bucket List Adventures with my wonderful girlfriend like becoming Scuba Diver certified in the Dominican Republic, searching for the Northern Lights and touring the frozen tundra on a dog sled in Sweden, touring the historic sites of Europe, and house hacking a million dollar beach house by converting the downstairs into a guest suite that pays for our mortgage and then some.
The wonderful thing about M1 and being around a Tribe of awesome people is that it gives you license to not just make more money or take more vacations, but to expand in all areas of life.

I’m a connector! I find ways to put together deals in which everyone wins.

Focus. Small daily actions compound over time. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Don’t quit!

Michael Sjogren

Real estate, specifically short term rentals and boutique hotels

Before M1 I was working as an accountant dreaming of becoming a full time real estate investor and teaching others how to do the same. Today I am living that dream.

Teaching. I can take complex subjects and simplify them into bite size chunks that people can understand and implement.

Get crystal clear on the life that you want to live. What does your ideal day look like for you from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Then make the decision that you are going to live that life and work everyday until you make it happen.

Bryce Stewart

I lost 20 pounds, hyper-charged my personal development journey, started making leisure/lifestyle goals (who would have thought?), and tripled my net worth.

My superpower is communication/public speaking. I have not (yet) monetized this gift to the same extent as real estate investment.

Find the next, smallest, incremental step. Take it! There’s no such thing as a Big Step, so don’t wait until you’re ready for one.

Rory Cummins

All aspects of Real estate (RE brokerage, flipping, MF rentals, and STRs)

Life for me has changed dramatically since joining M1. My drive and determination is still there with work, finances and my level of fitness but I’m now much more balanced in my life, a better father and husband to my family and I’m eating and sleeping way better. In essence, I’m full circle from where I was in terms of living an ideal lifestyle that is more in line with my overall goals and not overly focused in just one area (or garden).

I feel that I have many skills and abilities to offer the world but the one thing I’ve realized that has been super powerful for me is that I am able to achieve 99% of the goals I set out to achieve, whether that is deciding to travel the world solo for a year and a half, reaching financial freedom or creating an amazing lifestyle that I envision for myself. And I realize that this all stems from being able to vision what I want in life, planning and breaking down the steps to achieve it and then following through and taking massive action towards the things that I want without getting distracted, losing focus or listening to all the negativity that may surround me in the process.

Start with defining your big why, educate yourself constantly, level up your peer group, get creative, find a way or make one, follow the signal and not the noise, don’t let naysayers get in your head.