Why Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit


Have you ever noticed that when a sports star scores a goal, they get surrounded by people and suddenly become a magnet for PRAISE? People want to TOUCH, CELEBRATE and HIGH FIVE them.

We all crave this feeling of SUCCESS, which is why we’re attracted to it.


On The Flip Side

When you find yourself struggling or when you’ve lost at something and you’re sitting on the bench alone, the tendency for most people is to PULL AWAY FROM others.

You self-punish.

You remove yourself from the pleasure of being with others. Once you remove yourself from the company of those who support you, you’re at risk of going down the rabbit-hole of continued struggle, or even giving up on yourself altogether.


Winners Sit With Other Winners

You’re far more likely to succeed and stick with your goals if you have a team behind you cheering you on. So who’s on your team?

I always say, your peer group matters! The 5 people you spend the most time with are the people who will have the most influence on your level of success and your drive in life, so MAKE SURE those people matter to you and are pushing you to succeed.


Winners Practice Self-Motivation

If you want to grow in life and be more successful, then personal development is a MUST! Ask yourself what you’re doing every day to better your life? Do you:

  • Read quality books
  • Have a morning routine that creates energy for you
  • Participate in an accountability group that pushes you to reach your goals

If not, why not? Remember, if all you’re doing every day is the same old thing – getting up and fumbling through life then what kind of a life will you have? 

An AVERAGE life! Is that what you want?

Do you think successful, winning athletes have an AVERAGE daily routine? No! They get up early, stay late, and push themselves to be their BEST every day.

My point is, you need to put yourself in a position each morning that will DRIVE you to work out, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You DO these things because once you commit, you HAVE to show up. For yourself and for the people who are counting on you.


Winners Know When To Adjust

Sometimes we get into situations where we sign up or commit to something and at the end of it, we realize that it’s not the right path for us.

Honestly, that’s okay!

We’re all human. If you realize after a month of running that it’s truly not for you, then you can sit down, call your team and let them know that you’ve decided to go a different way.

The key is, you only do this OCCASIONALLY and after a lot of personal reflection.

There IS a difference between decommitting and quitting. That is, how often you do it. Does it happen all the time? If so, WHY? Do you need:

  • A coach
  • To set your goals differently
  • More support from your family and/or friends


Winners Show Up For Themselves

One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself in life is the gift of knowing you can TRUST yourself. This is a muscle we develop over time by FOLLOWING THROUGH on the actions we proclaim we are going to take. Yes, these actions can be as small as prepping your lunches each Sunday or making sure your bag is at the door, ready to go every morning so that you’re on time for work.

It’s the small tasks that you master first that help you build that truth muscle within yourself.

Work on it so you can get to the point where, when your brain hears you commit to something, your body knows deep down that it will happen because your brain trusts you speak the TRUTH!

Getting in a routine like this demonstrates to yourself that YOU DON’T QUIT ON YOURSELF!

After all, the people you impact when you don’t follow through are:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your Family
  3. Your Tribe

You may be thinking, ‘But Rock, things have gotten really hard lately!’ or something to that effect.

I’d challenge you to assess your situation and ask yourself, is this a real roadblock that requires a new direction or is this just a TEST?

If your child had a challenge and wasn’t reaching their goals, you wouldn’t quit on them would you? So why would you quit on yourself?

What is your default behavior or habit when the Universe tests you?


Throw Yourself Into The Ring

I challenge you to be the kind of person who shows up to meet the challenges in your life. BE THERE for your accountability partners and your Tribe! SHOW PEOPLE  that you won’t quit on them, and that you won’t let them quit on you!

I promise you, I’m 100% committed to providing the energy and the environment necessary to help you grow… but it’s up to you to take the necessary actions to get what you want.

True winners Support each other, Encourage each other, and when those tests come along, we CHALLENGE each other because we know that Winners never quit!

If you’re struggling lately just remember – even professional boxers take a rest between rounds.

Dive into your personal development, take a deep breath and get back in there. When you’re committed and creative, you can achieve anything!


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