The Path of the Whole Life Millionaire


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire? 

It’s more attainable than you might think.

We recently crowned our 67th ‘Whole Life Millionaire’ (WLM) in my M1 Mastermind group. 

For those of you who are new to the group, by ‘Whole Life Millionaire,’ I mean people who not only have financial wealth, but wealth in every area of their lives from their relationships to their health. 

Curious about how they achieved their success? I asked our whole-life millionaires to share their secrets. 

Here’s what they said:

#1: Get a Coach


The most common item that came up in conversation was getting a coach. Not necessarily just in financial areas either. They sought out coaches for personal training, health, morning routines – anywhere they wanted to grow and learn from people who already reached a certain level of success. 

They wanted help with improving something in their lives and they went out and found someone qualified to teach them, and took action. They were passionately curious and open to becoming 1% better every single day.

#2: Exercise Often

Energy is the edge. When you exercise, you’re less likely to feel sluggish and more likely to experience mental clarity. It’s no wonder that every single one of our whole-life millionaires has an exercise routine.

What are you doing to push your body and health to new heights these days?

#3: Investments


Our Whole Life Millionaires, and myself included, have played the financial game differently than most do. In our Mastermind group, we discuss the benefits of getting into the investment game in order to fuel your financial goals. We discuss stocks, real estate investments, owning your own business and other options. Most of the Whole Life Millionaires I talked to have at least a couple of these items in their portfolios. 

The bottom line with all of them is that they are cash flowing investments. Having horizontal income generating wealth for you is one of the keys to financial freedom.

#4: The Four Quadrants in Business & Being ‘The Rainmaker’


A lot of people get into business because they have an idea that they want to share with the world. Something that will change people’s lives and, in turn, make them feel fulfilled and lead them to financial freedom. That idea doesn’t automatically equal financial success however.

There are four aspects of running a business that contribute to its success:

Lead Generation, Nurturing, Sales, & Fulfillment. 

It may feel good to love what you’re doing, but if you’re not out there every single day, pounding the pavement, taking names and talking to people about what you’re doing, you’ll never achieve the financial goal you’re reaching for. 

If you want to reach Whole Life Millionaire status in life, then you need to be the rainmaker; the traffic creator; the lead generator… on steroids!

#5: Airbnb


Owning and operating a successful Airbnb is another investment vehicle on the list of many of our Whole Life Millionaires! 

It’s a fun and interesting way to generate horizontal income while also having real estate properties slowly increasing your Net Worth. For example, how fun would it be to have a condo near Disney World or your favorite ski resort where you could go and stay at for two weeks and then turn around and rent it out the rest of the year? 

If you’re committed and creative I’m sure you could think of a few places you’d like to have this type of setup!


#6: Genuine Contribution


Another common character trait of our Whole Life Millionaires is that they’re more likely to be the ones out there teaching and coaching people while they’re on the road to financial freedom. 

They’re excited about their journey and so they’re sharing their experience with others who are moving in the same direction.

What have you learned on your road to success that could be of value to others? Are you sharing that knowledge when you have the opportunity to? 


You Don’t Have To Be Perfect; You Just Have to Start


When you take MASSIVE ACTION, you’re more likely to make massive mistakes. The thing about our Whole Life Millionaires is that when those mistakes happened (and they did), they learned from them, reframed the situation and tried again. 

They took those steps and they didn’t give up when things got tough.

If your business or life isn’t performing like you want it to, then there’s a possibility that you’re not taking big enough risks. In order to level up, you may only have to tweak one or two things but you do have to be brave enough to try something new! Ask yourself, for example:

      1. Do you need to take more action?
      2. Should you be teaching & coaching, even if you do it for free in order to get the word out there about yourself?
      3. Do you need a mentor who’s already taken the risks you’re thinking about that could coach you through this next BIG step you’re about to take?


If you’re in this position now and feeling excited and nervous about the new strides you’re taking, then chances are you’re on your way to finding financial freedom.

In the book ‘The Millionaire Next Door’, they talk about the fact that most of the millionaires had taken a calculated investment risk at some point in their lives, and it had paid off. 


The Long Game


What this all really comes down to it, there’s a process to becoming a Whole Life Millionaire. There are behaviors and traits you can nurture and work on that will help you reach success at a faster pace than you would on your own and there are specific vehicles that will get you to that destination quicker than others. 

Do we know what it takes to become a millionaire here in our Mastermind group? 

Yes we do.

You need to be: Curious, Committed, Creative, & Coachable

If you can bring that to the table, I can bring the rest – the contacts, the people who can walk with you and run with you, and the people who are going to Support, Encourage and Challenge you to grow into the person you were meant to be.

Think about the possibilities in store for you in 2021. How many of those would be accelerated with the right mentor by your side? 

What would you be able to achieve if you had a TEAM working with you, standing beside you, encouraging you to take those steps – that MASSIVE ACTION – you’ve been planning for so long now? 

We’ve had 67 people join our M1 Mastermind who are now Whole Life Millionaires. People who were business people, employees, teachers, accountants… you name it. People who had the desire to be something more, but who needed one or two more things to tip them over the edge onto the road to success. 

If you share that feeling, that inner desire to achieve more than you ever thought possible… if you want to scorch your goals in 2021 and make it the year that changes everything, then there’s one very simple action you can take today… reach out to us. 


We’re here for you, ready to help.

Ready to join your team and show you how to achieve more than you ever dreamed of. Click here to start the conversation and take that first step on your road to success!

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