Successful People Always Do This One Thing


If you were to sit in a room and listen to a conversation – in a board meeting or seminar, for example, you’d probably notice after a while that there’s a difference in the poise, dynamic, and energy between the participants.

Let’s say there’s a decision to be made. You’ll hear the possibility-thinkers speaking up – the ‘Leaders’ of the group giving ideas for how to make it work and figuring out a way… and then you’ll hear the others coming up with every reason not to move forward and try to make it work.

Which group do you fit into?

Faith vs. Fear-Based Mindset

Successful people are the people in the room who love to:

  • Grow
  • Expand
  • BE more
  • HAVE more
  • GET more
  • DO more

They’re the ones who, regardless of any obstacles, believe there’s a way to make it happen! They lead with a faith-based mindset.

People who are less likely to succeed are the ones who look at problems they’re facing with a fear-based mindset. No matter what’s happening, the problem is bigger than them, and so they make excuses for why it’s going to fall apart before they even begin. They throw their hands in the air and complain that ‘this always happens to them’.

Which of these two types of people are more likely to succeed? 

Mindset Is Where It’s At

Think about it like this:

It’s like going Trick-or-Treating, believing that people will be home, and being totally excited to go and get all that candy.


Worrying no one will be home, it’s cold, and your costume doesn’t fit. Believing there’s no point because someone will have a dog, it’ll be scary, and you might as well not even try.

You’ll be far more likely to succeed if you believe that people will be home and that it’s YOUR JOB to go knock on those doors! Enthusiasm and faith are huge! So which group do you want to be in?

There Is No Try…

We’ve all heard the famous line in Star Wars where Yoda says to Luke Skywalker “Do or do not. There is no try.” He was right because, when you’re committed and creative, you can achieve anything!

What problem is it that you’re trying to solve in your life? Are you working on getting more clients, developing better relationships with people, increasing your passive income, etc.? What are you going to do to make those changes happen for yourself?

The best place to start is by shifting your mindset. There are so many things you can do. Read a book, get a mentor, start each morning with a positive self-affirmation! The options are endless when you’re a possibility thinker.

My Job Is To Help You

My question to you is this:  In regards to your mindset, where would you rather live? In ‘Yuckyville’ where everything is negative all the time, or in ‘Possibility’ with me?

Start by asking yourself how you want to live out your time on this earth.

It’s well worth it to take the small steps every day that will bring you closer toward living your best life. Shift your mindset and I promise you, it’ll help you Rock Your Life!

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