Success is a Choice and so is Struggling

Success Choice

What do you do when you first wake up in the morning? 

Do you have a routine or do you roll over and hit the snooze button as many times as possible before you have to get up?  A lot of people do that, but I’ll bet that most of them aren’t asking themselves if this is serving them – serving their higher purpose in life and getting them where they want to be.  A lot of people aren’t that introspective, not without help at least.

When I get up in the morning I do so with vigor and excitement!  I’m just grateful to be alive and be on this beautiful planet for one more day.  I have a glass of water, get moving with some yoga or I’ll go to the gym, and frame my thoughts & intentions for the day in as positive a way as possible.  

Why do I do this, you ask?  Wouldn’t I love to get that extra couple hours of sleep?  Only crazy people get up at 4 or 5 am when they don’t have to…right?  Wrong!  I do so because I am CHOOSING to start my way in a SUCCESSFUL, positive way…because SUCCESS is a CHOICE!

We All Have Struggles

No one born on this planet has had it completely problem-free their whole life.  Take me for example.  I grew up on a farm with my Dad who pushed me to my breaking point, every…single…day.  I worked my fingers to the bone every morning feeding the horses and had to do so before I was even allowed to eat breakfast.  Imagine being 7 years old and having to deal with that!

I had bigger challenges as I got older – real estate losses, divorce, financial issues with my parents.  The list goes on, and you may be thinking to yourself… well, if you had all that happen, how on earth did you get to where you are now?

The long answer is admittedly complicated, but in short – I never gave up.  It may have crossed my mind a couple times but ultimately, I was just too damn stubborn to lay down and quit.  I kept saying to myself, okay…this is bad, but ‘what can I do now’ to fix this and keep moving forward?

We Were Built To Serve

Half of the reason I feel people get stuck in life is because they’re so focused on what they  want and how to get it for themselves.  People looking down at their iPhones, tablets, etc. and ignoring all the opportunities around them that they could be taking advantage of to Serve Others.

Half of the successes in life that I’ve had are because, again, I asked myself ‘What Can I Do?’ and most of the time, the answer was to DO something for SOMEONE else.  I drove a taxi for years and if I needed extra income for something, I’d pick up extra people and ferry them together to their destinations if they were going in the same direction.  I always said ‘Yes!’ when my boss phoned to ask me to work an extra shift.  

The point is, if you’re stuck, just get up and get someone a glass of water.  Ask if you can help your boss with anything when you’re out of work,  take on extra responsibilities when the opportunity knocks.  Keep saying YES when you know deep down that you CAN, and the opportunities will start to come to YOU!

Find A Mentor

Now, if all this is a bit too much for you, perhaps you need to start small, and that’s okay.  Start small, but START.  Get up and do something.  Look at who you’re hanging out with – see if the people you’re surrounding yourself are serving you.  After all, sometimes when we feel stuck in life, half of the problem is due to the people we’re keeping company with.  Ask yourself, are the people you’re hanging out with lifting me up or keeping me in the proverbial crab bucket?

When I was down, had lost everything, and really struggling when I’d hit my mid to late 20’s, I finally realized that I needed a change in scenery as far as friends went, and so I went and found myself a mentor.  It was one of the best decisions I’d ever made in my life.  

I found someone who was successful, positive and driven who was willing to teach me how to be the same – in my own, authentic way. Now, this mentor didn’t take me under his wing for no good reason. I gave of my time and energy for months until he finally noticed me. And when he did, man was I EXCITED!! I chose to get up, keep moving and find a way to meet my goals in spite of the obstacles.

Having a mentor single-handedly changed the trajectory of my life.

Since that time I’ve continued to surround myself with amazing people from all walks of life. Business owners, writers, athletes… and I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on courses to improve myself, with the help of amazing teachers such as Tony Robbins himself.  

Even when I didn’t quite know what I was doing, if it felt right and my gut was telling me to go for it, I said ‘Yes’ and figured out the details later.  If you don’t have anyone in your life right now who is helping you reach the next level in life and your goals, then I invite you to come and hang out with me.  Say ‘NO’ to the daily struggle and YES to success in your life.  

Now, if this is hitting home for you (and I truly hope is, because helping people achieve greatness in their lives gets me out of bed in the morning), watch my YouTube video where I go into all this a lot deeper. I invite you to check it out.  Decide for yourself that TODAY is the day you start to say YES to achieving your goals.  It’s okay if you don’t see the whole path in front of you just yet. 

Say ‘Yes’ and I’ll help you figure it out later.


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