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Health & Wellness

Optimal health and nutrition are essential to creating true happiness, which goes far beyond physical fitness. Your life gardens cannot thrive if you don’t have the energy to devote to them. Our partners are here to help you prioritize your self-care and overall wellness to maximize your potential in each life garden. 

Sherry Shaban is a certified athletic therapist who holds bachelor’s degrees in both Biochemistry and Exercise Science from Concordia University. She is also certified as a Sports First Responder, a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, a BioSignature Practitioner, an Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Sign up to completely transform your mindset, fitness identity and level within 6 weeks. Learn More

Spirituality & Contribution

 Expressing gratitude and giving back to others help us to flourish and create meaning in our lives. When you focus on this garden, consider your connectedness with self, nature, and others. How are you bettering the lives of those around you? You’ll create a ripple effect of positivity when you pour into this garden, so get started today!

Monique MacDonald is the creator of the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program and has taught thousands of people how to discover and activate their Gifts to feel more ‘on purpose’ in their lives. In this digital, online program you will take a deep dive into the 24 Sacred Gifts, understand the difference between Gifts and skills, learn how to spot Sacred Gifts in yourself and others, and begin the discovery process to find what fills you up and fuels you. Learn More.

Business & Career

Some people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want to do and feel satisfied with their careers. However, more often than not, a business or a career is just how we make a living, with a focus on security and financial stability. How would you improve or change your career and business so that you are living your best life? Our partners are here to help. 

The Quantum Leap System Home Study Program

Chris Prefontaine is a 3-time best-selling author and the Founder and CEO of and host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast. Chris has been in real estate for almost 30 years and in this training, you’ll  get you everything you to need to make 5-6 figure deals on your terms. Whether you want to supplement your income or you want to replace your income, this course will help you reach your financial goals. Learn more.


Scale Up Your Business

Host of the UK’s #1 business podcast Scale Up Your Business & Founder of The Fielding Group, Nick Bradley is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs & business owners accelerate growth by implementing his proven model of strategic & operational scale-up. If you are amazing at what you do and you are committed to scaling your business, then he can help. Contact for more information.

Lifestyle & Adventure

What activities bring you excitement and happiness? Do you like to travel, explore, climb mountains, or scuba dive? Maybe you love taking long walks on nature paths or cycling along the countryside. In order to live a life you’re excited about, you need to fill your schedule with things you love. This garden is about creating memories, and we’re here to help! 

Finances & Investment

You work hard for your money, but is your money working hard for you? Increasing your vertical income is essential to fast-tracking your financial freedom, as more capital equals more opportunities for investment. However, the ultimate goal is to create financial freedom with horizontal income streams, so that you can focus more time on other gardens. Our partners help you create passive income streams, so you can live without financial stress. 

Codie Sanchez and Ryan Snow have combined their business experience to build and launch a course that teaches others how to buy small businesses with proven methods on how to find, negotiate, structure, and fund the acquisitions. In their course, you’ll build freedom and passive income through acquisitions. You’ll also learn proven methods to find, analyze, buy and build small businesses. It’s not rocket science, it’s the class no one teaches. With their guidance, you’ll build a path to freedom through small business acquisition whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or searching for passive income investments. Learn more.

Andrew Cushman is a details-driven multifamily real estate investor who leaves no stone unturned when vetting deals. After successfully transitioning from flipping houses to syndicating large apartments, Andrew has syndicated and repositioned over 1,800 multifamily units to date. When he’s not looking for and managing deals, you can find Andrew surfing, backcountry skiing, or chasing around his two young children. He is a frequent guest and panelist on Real Estate podcasts and educational forums, and recently launched The Multifamily Accelerator: a mastermind designed to help real estate investors successfully scale their portfolios. Learn More.

Personal Growth

Danessa is a CEO, executive coach, and best-selling author shifting the global conversation on leadership. She has coached hundreds of executives across every major industry and has developed a reputation as a candid, compassionate and courageous leadership partner. She is the author of the best-selling leadership manual, Naked at Work: A Leader’s Guide to Fearless Authenticity and regularly addresses C-suite audiences on how to harness the power of real authenticity (not #authenticity) to drive measurable business results. Authenticity is essential to leading well. Danessa’s course encourages you to take a deeper dive into who you are as a leader by working through this customized bundle of courses. Learn More.

You should be spending at least 30 minutes per day on personal development, and ideally, 80% of that material should focus on your mindset. Personal growth helps us in all areas of our lives — it reduces stress, improves health, and increases productivity. As you spend time learning with our partners, they will help you make life’s journey so much more enjoyable. 

Friends, Family, & Relationships

The relationships we form are vital to our mental and emotional wellbeing. We all need to feel supported, encouraged, and challenged in our relationships, and we get what we give. How are you showing up in your relationships? Are you spending quality time with the people you love? Our partners are here to help you connect with the people you love, so that you can live a happier life! 

Environment & Tribe

Feeling like we belong and living up to our true potential largely depends on our surroundings. A tribe creates an environment for generating new ideas for work and life and also fosters a sense of community. Belonging to a tight-knit community who supports your goals makes you feel empowered and strong, which in turn contributes to a positive environment. Being happy in your physical space matters, too! What can you change in your physical space to make it more reflective of ‘you’ and your goals and dreams? Our partners are here to help you become more intentional about your surroundings and your world will change.

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