Michael Jones


When you joined M1, what was your net worth? 

What is your current net worth?

How long did it take you to reach millionaire status? 
4 years

Which investment vehicles did you focus on in order to create your financial wealth? 
Single family and commercial real estate (not multi-family).

Choose the ONE area of your life that has been the MOST impacted since joining M1. 
Financial & Investment

Briefly tell us about your M1 journey. What was your life like before? What has changed? 
Prior to joining M1, I was always very money motivated, but I didn’t have all the tools and network I needed to really hit my goals. I operated from a scarcity mindset. After joining M1 and being surrounded by people who wanted more from life AND who were actually doing something about it, I was compelled to take action myself. Just shy of a year into the program, I bought my first investment property even though I didn’t have it all figured out. That was really the catalyst to the rest of my growth. I learned that I can’t earn and save my way to wealth, you have to make strategic and smart investments to accelerate wealth.

What is your superpower? Tell us about your gifts (professionally and otherwise!). 
I’m able to take in a lot of information, even on things I don’t know or understand right away, and I’m able to quickly grasp them so that I can take action or see patterns that others don’t see.

What is your favorite book ever? 
The Richest Man in Babylon.

Are there any fun facts you’d like us to include? 
I have a resting heart rate under 50 beats per minute.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their whole-life millionaire journey? 
Learn as much as you can and you must learn by doing. Learn to love being uncomfortable and be willing to fail. You must also be authentic. Don’t act like you’re wealthy or have it figured out. Be real and that will catapult you to success.

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