One-Year Entrepreneurship Program

With Life Design in Person Meet Up​

Be The Owner Of Your Destiny. Design Your Life Today.

M210 & Life Design Are The Best Programs For You If...

You want to experience financial and emotional freedom.

You want to be a conscious and elevated entrepreneur who knows how handle business

You want to become the master of your destiny and the designer of your life.

You want to dig into your finances and learn how to create a business plan and vision.

You want to become a leader that knows how to control their business and employees.

What Is M210?

It’s the next level entrepreneurship school & mastermind. Now that you have all the tools, you can experience and amplify your experience.

What is the Life Design meet up?

Your 1 Year M210 Program Includes:

90 Day Coaching With Rock And Rose​

Specialized Pods And Group Encouragement Weekly​

M210 Self-Mastery & Business Program For 6 Months (Monthly One Hour Live Coaching With Rock and Rose And Business Course)​

M210 Leader Mastery ( 3 Months ) ​

​Access To Tribe Information And Millionaires’ Experience In Every Area (Monthly Calls)​

​M210 Points For Activity​

What They Say About Life Design