How To ‘Dig Deep’ and Keep Moving When Life Gets Tough


One of the biggest hurdles to success I see people facing is that they know what to do, but they can’t get themselves to do what they know.

They have to go over their budget for last month but they’re ‘not in the mood’. They’re supposed to make ten additional lead calls at work this week but they ‘don’t feel like it’. They know they need to start that new funding proposal that’s due next month (and know they’ll stand a better chance of gaining funding if it’s submitted early) but decide they’ll ‘do it later’.


This has to STOP!!

If this sounds familiar, then at some point, you have to realize that behaving this way is not serving you or helping you move towards your goals. If anything, these habits are keeping you stuck living a ‘low-level’ life. If you’re reading this, that’s probably not what you want.

Procrastination is a behavior and if you take a close look at your habits, you may find it in more places than you think. So, how do you change? What’s the first step?

The key is to figure out what motivates you enough to get you started. After all, just like you learned in school – to take a body that is NOT in motion and get it to start moving, you need to exert a FORCE upon it that is equal to or greater than the force that’s keeping it still.


What’s Keeping You From Getting Started?

We ALL have these limiting thoughts:

      • I’m too tired
      • I’ll do it later
      • I’ve had a really hard day…

If you think about it, we’re all in a constant state of negotiation with ourselves – thinking about the things we need to do and DECIDING whether we’ll conquer them today or not. The problem with this is that the conversation is happening IN OUR HEADS!

You NEED to get it out of there!! Over the years, I’ve discovered 3 techniques that’ll help you do just that.

Get Out of Your Head to Get Out of Your Way


1: Command & Demand

My first tip I want to share is to simply DECLARE your intention out loud to yourself with a COMMANDING presence. Sounds simple enough, right?

For example, have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and told Siri or Alexa to put on some music? Something that really gets the blood flowing? Well, you wouldn’t speak to Alexa in a quiet, meek voice would you? No!! You would command Alexa to play your hit playlist and expect to hear the music playing moments later.

This is how you command and demand ACTION from yourself! Command and Demand the activity that you’re going to take, and then GO DO IT!


2: One Step At A Time – Think Small

The whole point of this is to start developing new habits and behaviors. So the best way to do that – to change a behavior from a low level to a high level one – is to start small.

Crawl small to Walk TALL!

What do I mean by this? Well, when you were born you didn’t know how to walk, did you? No! You rolled over first, then you propped yourself up, and day you started to crawl. It took SMALL behaviors and small changes over time to learn how to do new things. You need to do the same with new habits you want to form.

We’re looking to break the cycle of the body that’s not in motion. You’re retraining your brain. Commanding and Demanding that you DO SOMETHING that your brain previously told you that you didn’t feel like doing.

Take it one step further…So what if now, we make a shift and put together tips one and two so that you can say to yourself,

“I Am the type of person who enjoys taking SMALL steps!”

Taking those big tasks on your plate and breaking them down into manageable chunks. Tell yourself. Then, after all this, the natural progression forward is…to look inward.


3: Take Inventory of Your “I Am…” Statements

Take inventory of ALL of the things you tell yourself, about yourself! How do you REALLY feel about how you’re living your life, and what do you want to change?

Instead of telling yourself that you’ll ‘never get there’, start telling yourself: “I Am ____________”

      • A Badass
      • A person who takes action
      • Great at connecting with people

Upgrade your Internal Operating System into somebody who is an action taker, who Commands & Demands, who does the small things, and BEFORE YOU KNOW IT, you’re going to have a brand new character/identity.


Own That

If you do, you’ll move from being someone who isn’t in the mood to get things done, to someone who is capable of anything! After all, life is too precious for you not to take control of your operating system to get the most out of it, so you can get the MOST out of your life!

If you’re serious about getting out of your head and onto the path of success and fulfillment in all areas of your life, then book a Game Plan call with one of my top coaches, and together, we can get you moving from where you are now to where you want to be.


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