How To Be Happy With What You Already Have

Happy with what you have

“If I had a million dollars…”

I’m sure having $1MM deposited into your bank account would help solve some of your problems and feels like the answer to how to be happy. But do you really think it would solve ALL the deep-rooted issues causing or promoting your turmoil?

Have you ever seen an “unhappy” rich person? If you look hard enough, you’ll find plenty. Isn’t it also true there are happy people who live in poverty?

In other words, there are people everywhere who live content lives, yet have next-to-nothing to their name.

You will see some people who have intimate relationships with their spouse and great connections with their kids, and some who have amazing hearts and an unparalleled amount of love for others; we can find the extremes on both sides.

Therefore, it’s safe to say money is not the root cause of happiness.

If you want to find happiness, we have to dig deeper. We will have to dig in areas you never knew existed.

All events we face in life have no meaning but the meaning we give it.

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and accidentally stubbed your toe? As you feel the blood rush to your foot, you enter a state of hostility and agitation.

The only way to enter a positive state again is to attach a positive meaning to the event in the split-second preceding the response.

Before every action, there’s a second of pondering; that’s where you consciously chose your response.

Once you master this choice, you will never ‘react’ again. You will always be proactive, instead of reactive.

We are on to something here.

If you focus on money being the only thing to make you happy, I promise you’ll be in for a long ride; there will never be “enough.”

However, if you focus on attaching a positive emotion to every situation, you will have a much more pleasant ride.

After that, there’ll always be something to smile about.

If every person on this planet could master their own emotions, the world will be in a far better and more prosperous place. In conclusion, money is a means of exchange used to acquire things. We, humans, being the emotional creatures we are, shouldn’t associate a means of exchange with our happiness. Change the meaning of things, and change your life.


Are you ready to take your first step toward happiness? 


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