Getting Everything You Want Isn’t Mythical; It’s Methodical

Rock Thomas is the founder of M1, the tribe of healthy, wealthy, and passionate people, also known as fulfillionaires. He also broadcasts the “Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life” podcast, on which he sits down with a variety of thought leaders. Together, they explore all of the aspects that make up a wildly successful and fulfilled person. 

Rock’s goal is to empower high achievers with a proven curriculum and high-level network that they need to create their success story, achieve financial freedom, and reach the next level as a whole-life millionaire.

In his quest to gather as much knowledge and insight as possible, Rock sat down with Forbes Riley, the “infomercial queen,” actress, magician, pilot, speaker, and mother. Forbes has been in the public eye for over four decades, making connections and achieving every dream that she can conceive of.

Your Past Doesn’t Dictate Your Future

Forbes grew up on Long Island, and found herself limited physically – she broke her nose, wore braces, struggled with speaking, was overweight, and felt that her appearance didn’t reflect who she was internally. She wasn’t timid but was unable to express herself. However, she was smart and applied herself in school.

While she was in high school, her father suffered a debilitating hand injury that led to 15 surgeries and depleted her parents’ savings. College was out of reach for Forbes – until her mother suggested she enter the Miss Teenage America pageant on NBC with Bob Hope in order to earn a scholarship. 

This was the beginning of her “dream it, believe it and achieve it” philosophy. The “dreaming it” is thinking about something a lot; the “believe it” part is talking about it with people; the “achieve it” is actually structurally going and getting it. When you start talking your dreams out loud, that’s the only way for other people to know what you’re up to. You’d be surprised how other people and the universe conspire to make your dreams come true.

Forbes had her nose fixed and her braces came off. She dedicated herself to winning the pageant. She became Miss Teenage New York and made it onto NBC, standing directly over Bob Hope’s shoulder for the entire broadcast. For Forbes, this was the beginning of a magnificent career.

Stop Asking for Permission

By the time that we are teenagers, we have asked for and been denied permission thousands of times; this especially happens in school. We are told many things that we cannot do, and while some of these benefit us, in many ways we limit ourselves.

When you stop asking for permission, and you just dream, you can achieve anything. Nothing is out of the question for you. But just wanting something doesn’t magically make it happen; you must have a plan in place that you follow. 

It’s not mythical. It’s methodical.

In any real profession, any real craft, you have to study. If you don’t have training, get training. It has been said that 10,000 hours makes an expert; so don’t expect to be an expert after one class or one seminar or one certification. You have to work for what you want and to be at the highest level.

Stop Saying, “I Don’t Know”

What you know and what you don’t know, don’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you consider every possible way to do something. You can create something out of nothing if you start with ideas instead of “I don’t know.”

You also need to start accepting yourself for who you are. You have everything that you need to find success in your chosen path – if you only believe it. Sure, you can change a few things about yourself, especially your physical appearance, but ultimately everything that you need is inside of you right now.

You are as perfect as you are ever going to get. But you can change your belief system.

Clean Out Your Closet

Over time, we tend to shove our emotional bullshit into a closet to deal with later. This practice drains and ages us. It shows up on our faces even if we don’t realize it. But when you work on yourself and deal with the skeletons in your closet, your face changes; you look younger, happier, and more fit.

Some techniques allow you to shape and mold your memories and the people that have held you back. It’s important to know that memories aren’t real. Two people who are together at the same time will have experienced the same moment very differently. Neither of their memories is right, each is just an interpretation of what happened.

Once you clear the slate, you can ask yourself what you want.

However, even when we ask ourselves what we want, we tend to limit ourselves. We believe things that aren’t true, that there are things we “can’t” do. 

It’s also critically important to be specific. If you say you want “more” of something, what does that mean? Will one more thing be enough? Will 10,000 more be enough?

Fear & Worry Live in the Future

If you’re living in fear, or find yourself worried all the time, you’re living in the future. You can train yourself to live in the moment. 

85% of people live 85% of their time in a negative conversation. But where does that get you? It stops you from living a full and fun and outrageous life. Keep in mind that eventually, this all comes to an end. Do you want to have stories to tell when you are old? If you died tomorrow, would you be satisfied with what you had accomplished?

If a camera were following you every day, what would make a great episode? Are you doing things that excite you?

Be Ready to Pivot at All Times

Pivoting is a way of life. A lot of people use COVID and talk about COVID as a time that they had to “pivot.” But if you aren’t dying of COVID, chances are it also brought good things your way. COVID slowed down a world that was burning out. And if you’re not dying, it’s time to start living.

COVID also changed the way that people do business and live their lives. Many people work from their laptops and have more freedom than ever. People who can pivot and adjust are making more money than they did before COVID.

In many ways, families came back together during COVID. Kids were home from school. Birthdays were celebrated at home.

Don’t be afraid of the world shifting; adjust to it.

Women Have a Lot to Overcome

In many ways, Forbes is unique as a powerful, successful female speaker. When asked why there are so few female motivational speakers, she has a lot to say on the subject. 

Women are expected to take great care with their appearance. To this end, they spend much more time enhancing their looks than men do. They dry and style their hair, apply eyelashes and cosmetics. The clothes that women wear are constantly judged – too tight? Too sexy? Too manly? 

Women also seem to not like other women. Many women turn to and choose men over women in any field. Women who know what they want are called pushy and a bitch.

On top of all these struggles, there are so few female role models. Oprah is a great role model, sure, but she comes from unique circumstances and she does not have children. Many women choose to slow down their careers to be present for their families.

Live Your Legacy

When you play the “what do I want?” game, realize what you want and work to get it every day. Don’t try to leave a legacy for after you’re gone; people forget. Live your legacy every single day.

Forbes seeks to share her message of uplifting, unending, ridiculous joy, hope, and outrageousness on a daily basis.

Live Life on Your Terms

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