Our Events are Life Changing!

M1 events are transformational experiences that pair exploration with personal growth. Stretch into an expanded version of yourself, embracing more courage, more significant action, and more self-love.

Create Your Breakthrough

We defy typical conferences by taking your experience out of meeting spaces to jaw-dropping resorts, featuring breathtaking views, gorgeous facilities, and fantastic offsite locations and activities. The best part is that you are not just attending one event; you are joining a community of brilliant people who meet regularly online to support each other in their journeys toward financial freedom & fulfillment.


Mastermind with like-minded high achievers in person and learn from inspiring presentations with actionable steps.


Experience incredible adventures in a judgment-free zone. Hang out with your mentors and become energized by a supportive environment.


Create lifelong friendships with people who play full out when it comes to participation. Accelerate your goals in a group setting.

Life Design: Clarity & Power

Scottsdale, Arizona

Join Rock & Rose and a very small group of members to get crystal clear on your goals and dreams and tap into the energy that will move you towards your highest potential. Dig into your finances, break through your blocks, align with what makes you truly fulfilled and discover the keys to ultimate happiness, self-expression, and whole-life wealth.

Life Divine: Action & Achievement

Scottsdale, Arizona

Gather with mentors, thought-leaders, and those who have “been there before” to help you increase your net worth, identify and create new streams of income, and push you through your blocks. Get absolute clarity on your next step and embrace your own massive growth to attract ultimate health, money and power.

Men & Women Fully Expressed: One-Day Event

Scottsdale, Arizona

Experience the full expression of the masculine and feminine with raw and real perspectives in order to transform your life. The relationship between the masculine and the feminine can create miracles! That’s why this union is so important to achieving your highest potential, deepest connection, and greatest success. Discover the sacred geometry of intimacy, sexuality, and relationships to become the creator of your life.

Life Design: Transformation & Motivation

Scottsdale, Arizona

It’s time to break free from the past and become the best version of yourself. Release the emotional burdens that hold you back, let go of habits that no longer serve you, and find your inner warrior to tap into the power and motivation to truly transform your life.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Experience ultra-luxurious and breathtaking private villas located in the most exclusive enclaves in Puerto Vallarta. 

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