M1 Code of Conduct

Welcome to the M1 Tribe! We encourage all active M1 members to share, collaborate, ask questions, and support each other.

Please read the policy below and make sure that you understand it. When in doubt, please ask. Following these guidelines and policy will help create an engaging and extraordinary experience for you and your fellow Tribe mates!

Administrators of M1 reserve the right to remove any posts within our Facebook community, with or without prior notice. Subsequent violations of this policy from the same member may result in their immediate removal from the M1 Tribe or from the M1 March to a Million program altogether. You are responsible.

Advice given in M1 pertaining to health, finances, or any aspect of life is meant to advance your overall performance and broaden your perspective on alternative ways to leverage success. It may or may not work for you specifically and upon implementing any advice provided by M1 experts and/or M1 members, you are the sole party responsible for the outcomes of your decisions and actions. For any questions reach out to


    1. DO celebrate each other’s wins, achievements, and accomplishments by sharing yours and engaging with others. Feel free to reach out to other members to do so.
    2. DO post information that provides members with value. M1 is a Community that is built on trust, leadership, knowledge, expertise, positivity, and growth. Ask thought-provoking questions, probe and help this Tribe to grow.
    3. DO provide feedback! Remember that feedback is simply information, and the only meaning that feedback has is the meaning that you give it.
    4. DO take initiative by never standing still, doing more than what is required by you, thinking like a Leader, and speaking up to share your ideas.
    5. DO ask permission before sharing anything you hear in M1. We value the openness and vulnerability that comes from trust and we always respect the privacy of our members.
    6. DO NOT post anything including, but not limited to, posting of controversial topics which exclude categories of, or be hurtful to specific groups of, people/communities/organizations/beliefs, anything abusive, defamatory or obscene, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading, in violation of any intellectual property right of another, in violation of any law or regulation, religious or political in nature, otherwise offensive, or off-topic.
    7. DO NOT post any links or offers that contain affiliate links or coupon codes of any kind. Do not list or sell homes, properties, or other goods in the M1 Tribe. If you have a Real Estate deal in which you are seeking investors or have questions about, please seek permission from Rock Thomas ( prior to posting.
    8. Like all harassment, sexual harassment is strictly prohibited. Sexual harassment can be:
      • Verbal: Sexual innuendos, suggestive comments, jokes of a sexual nature, sexual propositions, or threats.
      • Non-Verbal: Sexually suggestive objects or pictures, graphic commentaries, suggestive or insulting sounds, leering, or obscene gestures.
Community of Collaboration
M1 is a beautiful community of collaboration, support, encouragement and challenge. It is imperative that members feel safe and respected by not being asked to join other programs, coaching, training or otherwise.

Products & Services 
Please do not solicit M1 members, directly or indirectly, online or offline, with offers that involve products, services or the joining of any multilevel marketing, direct marketing, coaching programs, or membership systems, that you, or anyone you are personally or professionally related to, is financially compensated. If you wish to become an official M1 affiliate contact

Contribute with your expertise
Please contribute your expertise and skills free of charge, as you see fit, to others in this Tribe. Doing so enables all of us to build a thriving, dynamic, life-grabbing community filled with the most epic information. We appreciate your support in this.