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Get An ROI on Your Epic Life by Simply Doing This…

Have you ever had the opportunity to watch Michael Jordan play basketball back in the day, or watch his series that came out? If you did, you’d notice that every situation he came up against, he used to his advantage in some way. If he had the flu, he made sure he pushed through and found a new edge. He’d use the crowd, the other team, or the dying seconds of a game to pit himself against the odds and win. He did this, because he was, and is, a leader. Leaders like Michael Jordan aren’t born though, as most people think…they’re created.

Leaders develop their skills in life by looking for the advantages they can find in the situations they’re in. They look for the silver lining, and respond to the events they find themselves in, rather than reacting to them.

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Success is a Choice and so is Struggling

What do you do when you first wake up in the morning? 

Do you have a routine or do you roll over and hit the snooze button as many times as possible before you have to get up?  A lot of people do that, but I’ll bet that most of them aren’t asking themselves if this is serving them – serving their higher purpose in life and getting them where they want to be.  A lot of people aren’t that introspective, not without help at least.

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How To Be Happy With What You Already Have

I’m sure having $1MM deposited into your bank account would help solve some of your problems and feels like the answer to how to be happy. But do you really think it would solve ALL the deep-rooted issues causing or promoting your turmoil?

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