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Why Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit

Have you ever noticed that when a sports star scores a goal, they get surrounded by people and suddenly become a magnet for LOVE? People want to TOUCH, CELEBRATE and HIGH FIVE them.

We all crave this feeling of SUCCESS, which is why we’re attracted to it.

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The Power of One Small Change

What change in your life have you been considering, but haven’t taken action on yet? There’s always something – losing 10 pounds, organizing the garage, looking at your company books for where you can make improvements. Those things that are ‘important’, yet not at the top of your list…BUT if taken care of, could change your life. Know what I mean?

It’s time to stop getting in your own way. Here’s how…

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Successful People Always Do This One Thing

If you were to sit in a room and listen to a conversation – in a board meeting or seminar, for example, you’d probably notice after a while that there’s a difference in the poise, dynamic, and energy between the participants.

Say there’s a decision to be made. You’ll hear the possibility-thinkers speaking up – the ‘Leaders’ of the group giving ideas for how to make it work and figuring out a way. Then you’ll hear the others …

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