Energy is the Edge

Energy is the Edge

When I meet people they often tell me that I have this ‘amazing energy’ and wonder where I get it. What do they mean by that though, and where does energy really come from?

The Answer Is Two-Fold


Energy comes from the obvious places – the things you eat, your sleep, and how you treat your body (i.e. whether you exercise or not). What people are less aware of, is that energy also comes from what you focus on.

What do I mean by that?

Imagine I told you that you had a huge list of potential clients on your call list for the day. If you took the assignment and focused on the fact that you hate talking to new people and get uncomfortable when there are pauses in conversations, chances are that you’re going to feel demotivated by this task, and all of a sudden have a slump in energy.

When you focus on the things you DON’T like to do during your day, you release stressful chemicals in your body, triggering a chain reaction that can lead to moodiness and eventually can lead to you having less desirable personality traits. Follow me? 

Take this same task and focus on the potential sales and new contacts you’ll make, (understanding the fact that there’s a lot of new clients ripe for the picking out there and that you just have to find them) chances are you’ll feel excited by this task and you’ll take it head-on! Yes or yes? 

This type of focus or approach tends to lead to higher levels of personal motivation, satisfaction in your job and will help release those feel-good hormones in your body that help sustain and inspire success!

How to Change Your Focus 


By changing what we focus on, we create more positive energy in our lives. Here are some of the most common places to start: 

1) Are You Living In Your Repeated Past?


Think about it this way: let’s say you have a thought. This thought creates a feeling, yes? That feeling creates an action in your life and that action creates a result of some sort. So, with this we could say that (by extension) your thoughts create results in your life. 

What if you’re the type of person who likes routine though? You’re not reading anything new, using new words, you make the same decisions every day, etc. If you continuously behave in the same way, then eventually your future is going to become…a repetition of your PAST. All you’re doing is repeating the same day every day – week in and week out until…what? 

2) Are You On Autopilot?


Sometimes the reasons we exist on autopilot are related to self-protection in some way. Perhaps you tried something new once and it blew up in your face, or someone ridiculed you and you felt embarrassed, etc. If this rings true for you, you have to ask yourself ‘is this how I want to live out the rest of my life?’

3) When The Answer is ‘No’


After reflecting on the patterns you see in your life – in terms of mood, personality, your routine, and the trajectory you’re on, if you feel like you’re not living the life you always dreamed of, then that means that it could time for a change in your life.

Over the course of the next few months, I’m planning on taking this conversation to a deeper level. We’ll be exploring our personal habits, our “I Am” Statements and even diving into the most painful events in our pasts. I’ve learned a lot in the seminars I’ve attended recently and I want to help translate that knowledge over to my Tribe Members in order to help people learn how to heal from the deep difficulties of their pasts. 

By starting these conversations, I help my Tribemates learn how to adjust the patterns in their lives so that they have the tools they need to become Whole Life Millionaires. Going forward, we’re going to work even more intensely on all the gardens in our lives – including those that affect our personality, so that we can truly be living our best lives.

What’s Next


If you’ll allow me, I’d like to invite you on a journey to finding your greater purpose this year. It’s going to be about finding harmony in our lives, and not in a surface-level way. I mean, deep down, soul-nurturing harmony that will help you feel more fulfilled in your life, and in turn, more energetic. 

If you’re ready, and if you’re brave enough to join me, we are going to get real with things in our lives that have betrayed us. We’re going to look at the habits in your life that aren’t serving us and get to the root of the problems.

So many of us have these deep-down issues in our lives that are festering in our souls – like splinters in the bottom of our feet, making us uncomfortable. These things make us more inclined to utilize drugs, alcohol and other stimulants/relaxants to help us gloss over the feelings we have about those things so that we’re “okay” every day. I’m saying we can remove the splinters if you’re willing to trust me and come and join me on this journey.

Finding Your Soul’s Purpose


Each and every one of us, living our lives here on Earth, have a purpose for being here. Our souls were sent here by whatever God or force of nature that you believe in, to do something marvelous. The trouble is, most of us won’t get out of our own ways long enough to figure out what that is. 

Let me ask you this: are you ready to find your true purpose and to live on purpose in this life? If you are, I invite you to join me in learning and living your BEST LIFE this year. Let’s work together to raise our vibrations, find our callings and walk this path together.

Chances are, there’s a voice inside of you that’s not been given the voice that it should. Let me help you break down those walls, heal the hurts of your past and find your true path. As you do this, you’ll be in better harmony with yourself, your life and will, by extension of the grace and gratitude you’ll embody…find more success and harmony in your life, because as you know, ENERGY is the Edge.

To Wrap Up


As I said before, people naturally want to be around people with ‘amazing energy’. Want to know the secret? I’ve done the work. I’ve healed the demons and am working every day on raising my vibration and being in harmony with myself. 

If this resonates with you, please, come and walk this path with me if you feel called to do so. It’s been fulfilling for me in my life and, as a Mentor and Teacher to so many, I hope to be able to pass on this knowledge to those who are ready to receive it so that they too, can lead EPIC LIVES, in harmony with their souls, and in alignment with the beautiful destinies coming their way.

To book a call with my team and start your journey towards your best life, visit

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