Are You Resisting Being Discovered?

Are You Resisting Being Discovered?

I have met so many amazing people from all walks of life since the inception of M1. People from all walks of life and from all corners of the planet with so much talent.

One of the amazing people I had the pleasure of meeting was a gentleman named Salvatore. I could see his potential and I had a feeling that with the right mentorship and guidance, he would skyrocket to success. So, invited him to come stay with me for a month at my condo in Montreal for a one-on-one mentorship program. You know what? He accepted my offer.

He allowed himself to be discovered.

Over the course of his stay and even afterwards when he came to see me in California, he was always working towards becoming the best version of himself. The thing is, with the right mentor, that ‘best’ gets better and better every day. You have to be brave and strong enough to accept the challenge and do the work.

His dream was to move to Europe, and with my mentorship and guidance…he achieved his goal!

On the other hand, for every person I meet who’s like Salvatore, there are a handful of others who I can see actively resisting being discovered, resisting breaking out of their old habits and hitting those milestones. And you know what? I can relate!

When You’re Just Getting Started

During my first year in real estate I resisted being discovered. I was determined to do it all on my own. Knocking on doors, lurking in the back of the office, not going to meetings. I was waiting for success to happen so that when I did step into the arena with other people, I would feel WORTHY OF BEING SEEN. The truth is, I was hiding. I was hoping to get good enough so I could confidently show up in the office.

What A Mentor Can Do

Then a mentor noticed me. Wayne Jordan changed my life. He was the mentor that took me under his wing, saw potential in me and helped me thrive. It made a mark on me. Meeting someone like that, who helps you see your own potential and who motivates you to make changes. They can’t help but alter how you see the world.

I’m lucky enough these days to be on the opposite side of that exchange. I get to live this legacy every day…one that I’m creating. My hope is that it will help me pass on the fact that I see in each of you your light, potential, and possibilities.

And I also see people shrinking away and hiding their gifts.

What’s Holding You Back?

There might be people in your circle who are saying you’ll never make it. People who are holding you back from achieving your goals because they’re uncomfortable with your success so they try to keep you down.

With the right people around you (remember to look at your inner circle and see who’s really there supporting you), you can gain those new ideas and the support you really need to achieve those next milestones. Even the small ones.

You have to ask yourself what it is that’s holding you back from shining your light? With the right support and the right mentors believing in you, you really can hit those next steps.

The Idea Is To Be Vulnerable

It’s counterintuitive, because when we think of successful people we don’t necessarily think of them as being vulnerable, exposed, and questioning their steps. We think of strong, steady people who’ve ‘made it’.

You have to be vulnerable to make it though. All those people we’re venerating had to start somewhere. They started by asking the questions, challenging themselves and by breaking down the barriers to success in their lives. They did it by failing forward and sometimes in very public ways.

One of the best parts of M1 is that we’re all here, failing forward together. This is a place where I encourage you to Support, Encourage and Challenge each other to try new things, to be seen and be vulnerable. I go into this subject in more detail here:

The promise this group provides is that it’s a support network for you to show up to DAILY. It’s somewhere where you don’t have to hold back when you’re at a learning point and needing assistance to make that next leap.

The Key To Mentorship Working

I believe I have a gift for seeing the possibility in everybody. Fortunately, someone saw it in me. The thing with mentorships is that you have to believe that the person guiding you sees the higher version of yourself that you have not yet allowed yourself to step into.

You’ve got to let them give you feedback on a daily basis, and IT’S GOING TO BE HARD and you’re not going to like it sometimes. They’re going to hold up that mirror, daily.

This is why M1 is so important and why it’s crucial that you show up daily. Not once in a while, not to lurk in the background, not to pull back when things get tough. Not when your pod falls apart and you blame them.

You have to keep stepping into the fire!

Show Up – We’ve Got You!

I ask you to trust the process. You followed your gut and got yourself this far. You need to KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT if you’re going to have the breakthroughs you’re looking for.

If you show up daily, allow yourself to be seen, to be vulnerable. If you let us see your light, your potential, and your possibilities then you WILL THRIVE!

Here in M1, we Support, Encourage and Challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves.

My challenge to you is to let your gifts shine. Allow yourself to be discovered.

If you’re feeling stuck in your goals and would like to touch base with one of our amazing mentors, then I invite you to book a Game Plan call with one of my top coaches, and together, we can get you moving from where you are now to where you want to be. And as a bonus, join my free Epic life Blueprint Community to meet other high achievers just like you!

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