Let’s Talk About Goals

Every member of the 90-Day Massive Action Challenge will create a RRAFT that will guide their progress over the course of the program.
RRAFT is an acronym that stands for:
R – Result: WHAT do you want?
R – Reason: WHY do you want it?
A – Action: HOW will you make it happen?
F – Feedback: Is what I’m doing WORKING? If yes, keep going! If not, correct course.
T – Thrills: CELEBRATE your SUCCESSES! There’s a lot of science behind just this one thing, but suffice it to say that if your goal is a big one, you need to celebrate and stack your wins along the way to keep you marching toward the finish line.

This is a 90 Day Challenge, so pick a goal you would like to achieve in the next 90 Days. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on a goal that isn’t realistic to achieve in 90 days, but DO push yourself. For example, if you’re just getting started, a goal to make 10K per month in passive income is something that likely won’t happen in 90 days. But what COULD you do to move you towards your goal? What is possible that will make a big difference towards your ultimate outcome? Similarly, if you have a goal to participate in an Ironman, but you still need to learn to swim, what could you do in the next 90 days to move you towards that goal? Build your RRAFT with a 90-Day outcome in mind and we’ll help you crush it!

First, post it in the Facebook group so that other members can see what you’re up to! You never know who might know someone who can help you achieve your goals. (Please think of this as you read other members’ RRAFTs, too… how can you help them?)

Second, LOOK AT YOUR RRAFT EVERY WEEK. As you create your CPR for the week, consider the ‘actions’ you need to take to achieve your desired result. Tie your weekly commitment into your RRAFT.

Each week you’ll create a CPR, and you’ll review this with your Accountability Partner. CPR stands for:

C – Commitment
P – Penalty or Pain
R – Reward

State your commitment out loud to your partner and post it in the group. In the unlikely event that you do not accomplish your commitment for the week, state your penalty or pain for having not gotten it done. Similarly, state your reward for the week so that you create mini celebrations along the way.

No. Your weekly rewards are relatively small, but they keep your momentum going. Your thrill is a big celebration for having achieved your desired Result at the end of the 90 Day Challenge!

In the unlikely event that you do not complete your Commitment, you will follow through with your stated Penalty/Pain. Examples? Wear your shoes on the wrong feet for a day. No coffee for a week. Give $500 to your competitor. Eat a dog biscuit. Wash the disgusting bins. Etc. Have fun with it. Just make sure the thought of going through with it motivates you to make sure you get your commitment done no matter what!

Tea with a friend. Buy a special something for yourself. Bike ride a new trail. Try a new restaurant for date night. Sushi picnic. 2 hours in nature alone. Sign up for a class you want to take. Etc. Make sure you follow through with your rewards!

About Accountability Partners

You’ll be assigned an accountability partner at the end of each call. These will be listed in the Facebook Group. In the unlikely event that you don’t have a partner assigned, please speak up and find one! First, let us know that you weren’t assigned a partner (there might be a glitch on our end). Then, make a request in the Facebook Group. Why do we ask you to take the lead? Think of this program as your playground for your life. We are building leaders in M1 and in the 90 Day Challenge. Leaders ask for what they need, and request help when they need it. Reach out to the members of the group first by making a new post in the group asking for what you need. If no one responds, reach out to someone you’d like to meet and ask if they can add you to their accountability group for the week. Don’t let a week go by without having a partner. If you are really stuck, reach out to your facilitator for help.

Ask your partner how he or she would like to be supported. Some people love daily check-ins. Others prefer to jump on a call sometime during the week. Discuss your CPR and provide support, encouragement, and challenge for your partner. Ask powerful questions and ask permission to share your wisdom and/or advice. This is an opportunity to get to know someone new and to give and receive feedback on your progress. Be kind. Be respectful. Be generous with your time and energy. Remember, this is a playground for your life. How you show up here is how you will show up everywhere.

First get really clear about why you don’t want an accountability partner. Is this a story that gets in the way of your success? If you already have the accountability you need, email and we’ll make sure you’re taken out of the equation every week.

About Live Calls

60 minutes of content. 15 minutes for Q&A at the end.

Calls are led by Annette Sharpe, coach, facilitator, and COO of Rock Thomas International, along with special guest speakers who come in to discuss the Top 10 Rules of Success.

All calls are recorded and posted in the private Facebook Group. You can find them all in the ‘video’ tab and in the ‘units’ tab. 

General Questions

You will be given access to the Top 10 Rules of Success and the Sunday System for Success for 90 days, with your membership in the program. Your access will be provided from our hosting system: Kajabi. If you can’t find your login details, search ‘Kajabi’ in your inbox, it might have gone to spam. If you have any trouble accessing these programs, email

No, that’s not necessary. But do schedule in 30 minutes per day to listen to the content and to start putting each rule into action. You might want to start with the Sunday System for Success so that you can start planning your week and getting the most out of your time. Then watch the other 10 rules as often as possible. Remember, repetition is mastery.

Make sure you REGISTER for your weekly calls (check your email for this link) and add your personalized call link to your calendar as a weekly occurrence for 13 weeks. Your link is unique to you, but is the SAME every week. Make sure you save it.

That’s great! If you know someone who would be awesome for our group, all of the details on the program are here: They can register right on that page! 


There is a fine line between celebrating your wins (which we encourage you to do!) and self-promotion for the purpose of personal gain. Think of it this way, if what you are posting is of value to the group (i.e an article you wrote, or a podcast you were featured on) then go ahead and share it as a win in the group! But please don’t solicit the group or add links to any paid products. If you’re not sure, email to get clarity before you post.

We are all in this together and we want you to succeed! Let’s keep it classy and focus on the three pillars of our M1 culture: Support – Encourage – Challenge.

Please email us! Send your message to and we’ll be happy to help. Your success is our success, so let us know what you need.