Episode 048: Trey Roth

Ep.048 Trey Roth
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Episode 048:
Love & The Power Of Determination with Trey Roth

“When you are determined and never give up, the seemingly impossible becomes your reality.” - Trey Roth

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Have you ever wanted something so bad, but felt that you weren’t good enough or deserving enough of it? So many people miss out on glorious opportunities due to a lack of determination, self love, and the wrong perspective. But if you can change the way you look at the world, the world around you will change.

Trey Roth was 8 years-old at a playground when he saw her. It was love at first sight. Except he couldn’t find the courage to talk to her. Trey was overweight, had crooked teeth, a shy personality, and the world of insecurities. It took him four years to realize that he would never have the courage to ask her out if he didn’t make a change. 

Struck with this new perspective and sense of determination, Trey started running for two hours every night. He got braces and for the first time, began to smile. A year later, Trey had lost a tremendous amount of weight and finally had the courage to ask her out. They have been together for 19 and a half years to this day. 

 “Dream big, go for your dreams and then the seemingly impossible does become reality.” Trey Roth

Today, Trey is a music producer, CEO and founder of the social network for referrals – Yaystack, and a loving husband and father of four children. 

On this episode of the #IAmMovement podcast, Trey and I discuss the meaning of love at first sight, why changing the way you see yourself matters, and the beautiful message behind the movie: It’s A Wonderful Life.

Topics Discussed

00:00 – Intro to Trey

02:20 – Love at first sight

03:38 – To transform one’s self

07:48 – A strength overutilized 

09:50 – Owning your faith

11:45 – When you know, you know

16:07 – The process of appreciation  

25:43 – It’s a wonderful life

31:32 – Connect with Trey

32:43 – Quote of the day 

34:41 – The words that follow I AM

Key Takeaways:

“Wake up each morning and truly appreciate and express gratitude for your first breath, knowing that you will not have that experience one day.” – Trey Roth

“A strength overutilized can become a weakness.” Trey Roth

“Any moment can become spectacular.” Trey Roth

“You have an arsenal of tools to go to at any given moment, to experience joy.” Trey Roth

“When you are determined and never give up, the seemingly impossible becomes your reality.”- Trey Roth

You’ll Learn

How a change in perspective can lead you to living a beautiful and happy life

Why each and every moment in our lives is in fact, a miracle

A simple habit that will change the way you see the world and lead you to appreciate each day

And much more!


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