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Ep.035 Nick Bradley
Episode 035
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Episode 035:
Scale Up Your Business with Nick Bradley

“You learn a lot through pain. You learn a lot when you have to be resilient.” – Nick Bradley

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There are two types of people, those who thrive in times of uncertainty, and those who hide away and hibernate. COVID-19 has left us all with massive amounts of uncertainty for our futures. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll respond.

Nick Bradley is a scale-up specialist, helping entrepreneurs grow their business to create freedom, build wealth, achieve their mission, and live life more on their terms. He is the founder of The Fielding Group and he works with Private Equity firms across the UK and the US. Nick is also the host of the UK’s #1 Business Podcast on iTunes – “Scale Up Your Business”. His mission is to help bring entrepreneurial skill-set and mindset to people all over the world as a driving force of progression and prosperity.

On this episode of the #IAmMovement podcast, Nick and I discuss some of the challenges that entrepreneurs will face during COVID-19, why it’s extremely important to stay positive and have a strong mindset, and how to thrive during times of adversity. 

Topics Discussed

00:00 – Intro to Nick 

03:00 – Leadership

04:27 – The Power of Positivity during COVID-19

08:54 – Staying focused and empowered

12:15 – Working through adversity

16:41 – Knowing your limits and capabilities 

18:16 – Entrepreneurial challenges

21:30 – The Shift 

29:20 – How to connect with Nick

30:25Webinar Announcement

Key Takeaways:

“If you act from a place of fear and scarcity you start to manifest that stuff”– Nick Bradley  

“When you run an endurance event, you take on those things because they scare the hell out of you. They scare the hell out of you not because of the pain, but because the possibility of failure is very real.” – Nick Bradley  

“You learn a lot through pain. You learn a lot when you have to be resilient” – Nick Bradley  

“How people manage their emotions is probably the thing that defines quality of life more than anything else.” – Nick Bradley 

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The biggest mistakes made by entrepreneurs

The power of gratitude

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Full Transcript

Rock Thomas: Hey, #IAMMovement podcasters. This is Rock Thomas, your host, I’m back with another edition, and this time we’re going across the pond. We’re going to England.

Rock Thomas: To my dear friend Nick Bradley, who is a business scale up specialist. He helps entrepreneurs grow their business to create freedom.

Rock Thomas: To build wealth to achieve their mission and live life more on their terms.

Rock Thomas: He’s also the founder of the fielding group a growth accelerator that helps companies improve business performance and he worked with private equity firms across the US and the UK leading businesses to turn arounds.

Rock Thomas: mergers, acquisitions and of course to scale ups over the last decade, he bought, built and sold multiple businesses, creating significant value for his shoulders.

Rock Thomas: Nick is also the host of the UK is number one business podcast iTunes called scale up your business and his mission is to help entrepreneurs.

Rock Thomas: With their skill set, their mindset tells people all over the world as a driving force for progress and prosperity very much like a brother of mine because we share those similar values.

Rock Thomas: So next, originally from Australia. He dedicated this to a dedicated family man who has a strong background in physical fitness. Check it out. Having completed 67 that’s right 67 marathons at 24 ultra marathons.

Rock Thomas: You’re going to hear about it in today’s session how running for marathons in a row became kind of, well, kind of ordinary for him. Really, really fascinating to me.

Rock Thomas: He is also a qualified personal trainer and he’s a performance coach. So, what a great combination. If you’re looking for somebody

Rock Thomas: To guide you to build your business and help you with your mindset because he’s incredibly resilient. He’s absolutely committed to personal growth. I’ve seen him at multiple events. We’ve shared

Rock Thomas: Going to events as attendees and speaking from the stage and his goal is to be the best version of himself, like myself, and probably like yourself. So let’s jump to this episode. And let’s listen to his sexy accent and his wisdom all rolled into one.

Rock Thomas: Welcome to the #IM Movement podcast, Nick.

Nick Bradley: Hey rock. It is awesome to be here. Thank you for having me on the show.

Rock Thomas: You know, they’re interesting times all the time. But right now we are going through some fascinating times, you know, we’re talking about it before we come on the podcast.

Rock Thomas: And leadership is one of the things that you know is one of your strengths, you have an incredible you know resume you’ve worked with a lot of people you help leaders like you lead leaders.

Rock Thomas: And so I want to dive right into it. Because right now, it’s a time when leadership is a place where people can shine. So what are some of the things that you’re dealing with right now in this incredible opportunity.

Nick Bradley: It’s massive, isn’t it, I mean, and there is, I’m glad you didn’t use the word opportunity because it’s funny. Lots of people are

Nick Bradley: You know, they’re overwhelmed right now, the level of uncertainty. I don’t think it’s unprecedented and certainly

Nick Bradley: Probably our lifetime, you know, maybe it was like this back in the world wars, you know that level of kind of

Nick Bradley: strangeness, but I’m seeing a number of different things. Right now I’m seeing some people literally hideaway go into hibernation. I’ve actually heard that expression.

Nick Bradley: And no judgment of these people that is dealing with it in certain ways. And it’s so much change. And then I’m seeing people who are thriving stepping up

Nick Bradley: For whatever reason, when it feels like the you know the world’s against you, these people, they go into this new identity and I know you talk about identity a lot

Nick Bradley: And and I’m one of those people and you’re one of those people. And I think you know what we were just trying to kind of connect with before we started recording is what happens, how does that happen, you know, what is our program was our past that allows that to be the case.

Rock Thomas: So let’s break that down. What do you think it is, we’re talking about here is

Rock Thomas: You know, you’re

Rock Thomas: You’re serving a lot of people you’re doing 15 hour days. And there’s some other people lying around eating potato chips and watching Netflix because they think there’s nothing that they can do.

Rock Thomas: So whereas the difference, why are people drawn to you for, you know, for your coaching and wisdom.

Nick Bradley: Yeah, I think it’s like if I go back. You know, I was thinking about this the other day because someone was talking to someone about this and they were really struggling and they said, How come you’re so positive.

Nick Bradley: And I said, you know, what if I go back over my life I’ve had a number of challenges we’ve all had challenges right I’ve had a number of challenges that I’ve had to overcome.

Nick Bradley: And every time I’ve overcome them. I’ve grown as a person and it’s taking me to a better place. So

Nick Bradley: Perhaps you know, for me personally, is because I’ve had, I’ve seen this before, this is this is big and it’s big on a global scale, but it’s

Nick Bradley: It’s no more challenging to me than other things that I’ve faced and I’ve got my challenges. I’ve got businesses that are going backwards.

Nick Bradley: I’ve got no kids that are home at the moment they’re feeling very uncertain. And I think, to your question, why do people come to me. I think

Nick Bradley: Because, and we’ve used this phrase. It’s one of your phrases. You know, you’ve got to ask the question, what’s the good in this

Nick Bradley: Because I don’t think you’ve really got a choice. This is my psychology. If you sit around and let this overwhelm you. You’re going to go into a place where you’re not very resourceful.

Nick Bradley: So I choose not to go to that place I choose to see what’s good in this where the opportunities are and I know if I do that, even if the opportunities are here right now they’re going to come at some point in the future.

Rock Thomas: Do you have a belief, like, you know, it’s a little cliche, but this too shall pass. Yeah.

Nick Bradley: Yeah, I mean the world. I am really strong. I suppose belief in the human spirit as well. I think generally we are very, very capable and resourceful.

Nick Bradley: You know, we’ve gone through many challenges and I honestly think this will pass

Nick Bradley: I don’t think the world will ever be the same again. I don’t certainly don’t think the world will ever be the same again from a business context, which is where I spend most of my time kind of getting into that.

Nick Bradley: But I do think that we will adapt. There will be people who thrive through this and there’ll be people who who really struggle, and I suppose what I’m trying to do right now my mission has always been

Nick Bradley: To become the best version of myself and help others, you know, get to that same place.

Nick Bradley: And so right now I’m really trying to help people see the positive focus on the things that they can do so they get themselves in the best position to really go for it. When there’s slingshots back which it will do at some point.

Rock Thomas: Yeah. So currently, as we speak. And as we’re doing this recording, I believe your, you know, your prime minister is in critical condition. Yes.

Nick Bradley: Yeah, so that hit us. Last night I was actually doing a Facebook Live with about 150 people on it and halfway through.

Nick Bradley: Literally, when I was doing it with a guy, we were talking about energy and performance. And then all of a sudden we hear this news. And so I saw the feed coming up, but it was like what’s going on. You couldn’t write a script about this.

Nick Bradley: So yeah, so he’s gone into intensive care that the news today is that, um, you know, whatever, whether we believe in us or not. But what we’ve heard today is that he’s he’s recovering well

Nick Bradley: But I think it’s really hit people that this is not just the flu. You know, this is, this is something more. And it doesn’t need to be taken seriously.

Rock Thomas: And and so that being said, the reason I bring it up is that what you put your focus on creates a feeling. And when you have the leader of a country that’s affected by this and as intensive care.

Rock Thomas: You know, as a microcosm of the world. How has this impacted the morale of people in your country right now?

Nick Bradley: Yes, so getting I think when something like that happens, it creates another level of anxiousness you know another level of nervousness, because

Nick Bradley: I still think when something like this happens, back to the point we said about people going into hibernation. A lot of people don’t believe it’s real.

Nick Bradley: So they get into a place where they close themselves up and they don’t want to believe that they don’t want to associate with it.

Nick Bradley: And I think the more things that start to come home. So obviously, if a family member gets that then all the sudden that’s very real.

Nick Bradley: Again, something like high profile or the Prime Minister, it gets people nervous again. So what I’m finding, particularly when I speak to business owners and business leaders.

Nick Bradley: Is the ones that are struggling with their emotions right now, which is many when they hear a piece of news like that. It makes them to constrict a bit more

Rock Thomas: Yeah.

Nick Bradley: And that’s not great.

Rock Thomas: So, in times like this and in times when let’s say somebody’s running a business and they’re struggling in the business, not for the coronavirus reasons but maybe you know they lost a key staff competition that opened up the last contract.

Rock Thomas: What are some of the things that that you do, or that you guide them to do that allow them to stay, you know, focused and empowered versus rocked off their center. Yeah.

Nick Bradley: Okay, so I know that will align on a lot of this as well. I mean, one of the first things I say Is gratitude, be grateful and you know for what you have. It’s, it’s such a simple thing.

Nick Bradley: That people don’t really understand the power of but I remember

Nick Bradley: Number of years ago now. I was running an ultra marathon in South Africa called comrades and it’s an 87 kilometer run. It’s quite famous in particularly in

Nick Bradley: South Africa, the whole country stops. You know, it’s on the front page of the newspaper, the next day and every runner has their names in the newspaper. It’s really cool.

Nick Bradley: But halfway through. So you’ve run a marathon. It’s in the heat, you’re running uphill or downhill they change it every year you hit the World Vision caps.

Nick Bradley: And this is where they have literally all the orphan children.

Nick Bradley: And what’s fascinating right is you’re running through this and they’re lined up along this fence line and they’ve torn dirty clothes. They’ve got, you know, water and whatever else, but they got nothing. Right. Nothing at all.

Nick Bradley: But every single one of them is smiling. Right. I remember when I ran. I stopped and I shook all their hands.

Nick Bradley: Right, I thought, okay, this situation where they haven’t got much but they look like they’ve got hope. Right.

Nick Bradley: And you kind of think about something like that. And I think that’s a really good example of

Nick Bradley: Of gratitude because you have to stop and think, what do I have, what do I have now I’ve got it. You know, for me personally, I’ve got a great family. I’m healthy.

Nick Bradley: I’ve got freedoms, I’ve got choices, all those sorts of things. And I think that’s the starting point for anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed and frightened to start to get themselves out of it. So that’s one, there’s more.

Rock Thomas: Okay. Good. Keep the keep that because I just made me think of something that I don’t know if I’ve ever thought of before, is

Rock Thomas: You know when you’re young and you’re striving. They say you can take a risk. You can go all in. You can lose the business, you can start all over. But as you get older you like you like you don’t want to lose what you’ve created.

Rock Thomas: Do you think there’s a link between these kids that like they got nothing? So they got nothing to manage. They got nothing to worry about. They got nothing to lose. And there’s a sense of maybe freedom there. What do you think that is

Nick Bradley: Well, it was definitely a bit of youth. I mean, these kids are young and this isn’t a bit of kind of

Nick Bradley: When you’re young, you don’t know lots of different stuff. So your sense of you. Well, you’re more present in many cases, I think there’s a bit of that.

Nick Bradley: But I also think you know everything you’ve just said there is a story that gets made up by people. I get it. That if someone’s

Nick Bradley: A messed 30 4050 years of wealth and then all of a sudden they don’t want to take a risk. I get that time is important. It’s probably the most crucial thing.

Nick Bradley: But I think sometimes if you act from that place if you act from a place of fear and scarcity, as we call it, you start to manifest that stuff. And that’s why when I work with people, I say, Listen, if you’re going to go into that place. It’s more likely it’s going to happen.

Nick Bradley: Or you need to have some strategies to pull yourself out so you

Nick Bradley: Present you stay focused. You show up and by doing that you give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Rock Thomas: So we’ve got gratitude. Stay present show up. What are some of the things that people can do in order to you know work their way through. Let’s call it adversity. Yeah.

Nick Bradley: I mean for me focus. I say focus is a superpower. It’s kind of one of my phrases. I say it probably more often. Every day than anything else, because

Nick Bradley: People just tend to get distracted right when they get distracted, they get into their heads and then they don’t get stuff done. So, you know, the daily practice of meditation, you know, not meditation in a kind of a fear way but to teach you the power of focus.

Nick Bradley: Hard work. I mean, I don’t know about you, my, my brain is creative. Right. I like to see opportunities and it’s, you know, this is great. Right. He has lots of energy.

Nick Bradley: It’s hard work to get myself really focused. But if you can do it, then all the sudden you start to see opportunities there were always there in front of you, but for whatever reason work is obvious before that.

Rock Thomas: So being an ultra marathoner or runner an athlete that requires a lot of skills like discipline and visualization and keeping your eye on the prize and things like that.

Rock Thomas: How have you translated that into your businesses and into being somebody who’s, who’s a coach for people developing businesses.

Nick Bradley: Yeah, I had said. I actually had to write something about this the other day exactly that question because I’d forgotten.

Nick Bradley: Sometimes you when you when you visit you forget your past you forget where you’ve come from rice told someone I did ultra marathons and they were like, wow, and I’m like to run, you know,

Nick Bradley: I know, I know.

Nick Bradley: You know what it’s like you’ve done some amazing stuff as well. Rob and


Nick Bradley: Yeah, so, so the learning. I mean, when you run, when you run endurance events.

Nick Bradley: You take on those things. And this is certainly my psychology around you to take on those things because they scare the hell out of you.

Nick Bradley: They scare the hell out of you, not because of the pain that you know you’re going to go through, because it’s going to be painful, there’s a point where your body. You’ve got to

Nick Bradley: Manage your body, your mind or your kind of physicality. But what scares you the most is, is the fact that it’s actually the possibility of failure is very real.

Nick Bradley: And failure for me and those sort of things is not finishing. Now I’ve run lots of different ultra runs and I haven’t finished them all. In fact, I’ve, I have finished more than I’ve

Nick Bradley: Not but there’s been some very, very strong learnings from the ones that I’ve given it everything I possibly can, you know, it’s the points of almost breaking down

Nick Bradley: But what’s interesting is through those experiences because I’ve pushed myself to the absolute limit I’ve won more than I have, when I’ve actually finished. Some of the other races.

Nick Bradley: And I think I mean that story that really can be applied to anything it’s really about the journey and pushing yourself to the limit than it is about the destination.

Rock Thomas: That’s interesting. So the fact that you run them, even if you may not complete them to your satisfaction. You’ve gone further than you would have had you not

Rock Thomas: Set that as a challenge and and a lot of the ones you’ve done are not just your like for you. A marathon, probably, like, la, la, whatever. Right.

Nick Bradley: But USED TO BE USED TO BE THE SUNDAY warm up, run.

Nick Bradley: Run as I used to run a marathon every single Sunday is a training run

Nick Bradley: Yeah, I mean,

Nick Bradley: I did hundred mile races.

Nick Bradley: But you’re basically talking for marathons, back to back.

Nick Bradley: So you can imagine.

Rock Thomas: I just want. I just want to unpack that for a little bit, because

Rock Thomas: Yeah, no, I love how glib, you are about it and you just like, you know, blah, blah, blah. And, and you, you make it seem easy but I for marathons. I’ve run one marathon will never run again because it’s painful but um

Rock Thomas: How do you get yourself to a place where you can where you can decide you’re going to do something that for most people.

Rock Thomas: Equals enormous pain. How do you get, like, what, what is going on in your inner narrative there.

Nick Bradley: For me, for me, it’s about a challenge. As I said, which feels from the outset impossible. So, so, to your point about even running a marathon or someone who’s never even got up and run five k’s from their couch right

Nick Bradley: It feels impossible until you start everything feels impossible and tetra get

Nick Bradley: Through and so for me it’s I wanted to test back to my mission. You know, I want to become the best version of myself. Everything I do in terms of personal growth and contribution is all about that mission. That’s what drives me

Nick Bradley: So I need to know what my limits are. I need to know what my capabilities are. And so it started off. It started off, you know, running five K running a tank , a half marathon running a marathon and then it was like, wow. Can I, can I go further. How far can I take this

Nick Bradley: Um, so, and I think, you know, as you do that, you break through to a different place you break to it to a different version of yourself.

Nick Bradley: And you learn so much about yourself in those times. I think you learn a lot through the pain. You learn a lot when you have to be resilient.

Nick Bradley: And then you take those things. And this is what I’ve done in my businesses. And when I help people. Now I take those same skills that same learning

Nick Bradley: And I apply it because I’m not making it up. I’ve done it. And there’s a very strong connection when I coach people

Nick Bradley: That I can, I can give them that certainty. I’m very good at being able to empower people because I don’t put up with any of this. Well, I can’t do that it’s impossible when that’s not

Nick Bradley: You’ve just got to get yourself in the right place. And you’ve gotta want it badly enough and that it is

Rock Thomas: I love it, I love it, you loan them your emotional intelligence.

Rock Thomas: The experience you had a pushing and pushing and reaching and going higher. You’re like, oh, no, you can hear. Let me borrow from you.

Rock Thomas: And then they’re like, Okay, well, if he says I can do it, then I can do it, which is which is really cool. I love that. So that is being said in your businesses and is helping people scale businesses.

Rock Thomas: What are let’s go with one, two or three of the biggest challenges mistakes that the entrepreneur makes her is going through

Nick Bradley: Yeah, sure. The first one, the one that everyone makes, particularly if they’re very good starting businesses, if they’re creative entrepreneurs.

Nick Bradley: Is is being able to build teams because because people often ask me, what’s the definition of scale up and I say it’s the ability to lead other people

Nick Bradley: And that starts with you, leading yourself. And the one thing. The one thing that really breaks it down and usually makes it very difficult is that entrepreneurs’ ability to trust others.

Nick Bradley: Yeah. Now that’s not so that’s the first thing. And so I often say to people, the person who starts a business is not necessarily the person who can scale it

Nick Bradley: And that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to bring in lots of new people to run the business. But back to identity and who they are. They need to evolve. They need to get a new set of skills and they need to evolve their mindset.

Nick Bradley: So that’s the first thing. And that’s a really powerful thing. The second thing is copy, probably a little bit more practical.

Nick Bradley: And that’s where someone who thinks they’ve got a really good idea and they’re so passionate about that idea and then they realize that no one else really likes that idea.

Nick Bradley: Happens all the time. You’d be surprised.

Nick Bradley: You know, and sometimes people have spent years with this thing.

Nick Bradley: And going you know you’ve got a few customers. I’m not saying the thing hasn’t sold something, but it’s never going to scale because it hasn’t got this product market fit thing happening.

Nick Bradley: That’s not solving a problem.

Nick Bradley: Yeah. And then the third one is more of a kind of, I think it’s important for what everyone’s going through now and you know we always say cash is king.

Nick Bradley: But it’s the ability to to really manage the cash of a business again a very practical thing but you know this is gonna sound really harsh and say it.

Nick Bradley: What this coronavirus thing has done, I think for a lot of small businesses, the one that I’ve seen has really focused on

Nick Bradley: Issues within a business that were there. That shouldn’t really be there, you know, people living hand to mouth and managing their businesses like that.

Nick Bradley: And that’s one of the things you know this is this is wiping people out. And my view is, you know, what if you really prepared, not necessarily prepared for the worst.

Nick Bradley: But, you know, certainly get yourself more focused on this stuff, you wouldn’t be in the position as desperately as you are now.

Rock Thomas: I agree 100%. I mean, I could last probably with most of my businesses, six months at least

Rock Thomas: Paying the bills, being responsible, not letting anybody go, I’ve made shifts. I’ve made moves. There’s the government’s offering things. So I’m doing what I need to do to navigate through that.

Rock Thomas: But yeah, we talked about it a lot, you know, in some of the things I teach the six bank accounts, having a contingency plan.

Rock Thomas: But isn’t it remarkable that at least in North America 57% of people literally live paycheck to paycheck.

Rock Thomas: And along comes pandemic and now you literally, literally, you can’t even buy yourself toilet paper, you know, two weeks later, so

Rock Thomas: What do you think is going to happen. Uh, do you think people are going to get the lesson. I mean, some people will, but what do you think

Rock Thomas: Is there going to be a shift of consciousness, because that’s what I think is happening. I think this Corona viruses Mother Nature going

Rock Thomas: Slapping some people around that she’s fed up of saying, Oh, you were going to do that tomorrow. Well, today is tomorrow. And I heard that for a long time. So, you know what, now I’m going to give you the lesson. What do you, what do you

Nick Bradley: Think it’s going to do two things. I think it’s definitely going to drive that behavior. And I think, you know, people, people may not know the strategies of what they should do but they definitely know they need to do something.

Nick Bradley: And that’s partly why I’ve got busier and busier over the last

Nick Bradley: Couple of weeks is because people are reaching out for help. Right, I’m helping people as much as I can.

Nick Bradley: That’s I think that’s going to happen. I definitely think that people are going to look at this differently, economically, how they manage themselves, this idea of taking on lots of debt.

Nick Bradley: You know, it’s crazy. I am advising people right now that if they are absolutely going to go bankrupt or their businesses are going to close probably that’s a better example.

Nick Bradley: That they should see cash from the government. They should have cash reserves, but I’m also advising them not to spend it.

Nick Bradley: Because I think they’re going to get themselves into another whole but I do think going forward. People will think about that differently.

Nick Bradley: The second thing that I think is even probably more powerful, but actually really positive.

Nick Bradley: Is that I’m starting to see human connection come back in a way that hasn’t been around for, I don’t know how long I mean people talking to each other in the street, you know, from three meters away some some old fashioned values.

Nick Bradley: Around connected this

Nick Bradley: And I’m hoping and I’m really, really positive around. I think that’s something that we will take forward, certainly for a period of time after this

Rock Thomas: I agree with you. I’ve noticed that people are kinder, I went to get some takeout. The other day, and the guy who is this like so grateful that I was a client.

Rock Thomas: Versus you would go in there. Normally, and be like, Yeah, hold on a second, and busy running around and noise and everything. This guy was just like, thank you so much and and and I

Rock Thomas: You know, normally, if you pick up I don’t usually tip that much, or maybe not at all. Sometimes, because I’m doing most of the work I gave him a generous tip. It was just that. We’re in this together.

Rock Thomas: And you helped me and I help you and I tell you it’s really, actually, I hope it. I hope some of it sticks. It’s really nice to see. Yeah.

Nick Bradley: I think well for a while, I think, you know, again, it’s like anything. There’ll be there’ll be a point that there were certain things that will never go back to how they were you know

Nick Bradley: And I think the way people work is changing this idea that people, you know, they can work effectively from home. I mean it’s, you know, standing in front of zoom for seven hours like

Rock Thomas: I was thinking about what you said before you like 15 hours a day.

Rock Thomas: But with the ability to book these virtual meetings, you have no driving in between appointments, you have no I’ll meet you at the coffee shop, but you can make a couple of calls or it’s back to back to back to back. Right.

Nick Bradley: I had an understanding. I mean, I’ll share it with people because I think it’s, you know, this is a great day I got up early.

Nick Bradley: You know, I did a little bit of meditation. I went for a run with my dog in the forest. You know, I do my gratitude and affirmations and all that sort of stuff in the morning I come back I feel on fire, because I’m totally an athlete working on myself.

Nick Bradley: And then went and shared a board meeting for a quite a large fintech business in London all day and then I’ve had podcast episodes and some good conversations with clients and then finished with a call with you, which is always awesome Rock That’s a great day.

Nick Bradley: Yeah, I kind of, I could do that every day, pretty much, you know, it’s cool.

Rock Thomas: Yeah. That’s awesome. What kind of dog do you have

Nick Bradley: Labrador, a very old black Labrador So I tend to pull him through the forest. These three there’s good. He’s a good boy, but you know, I’m spending more time with my young girls. You know my five, my eight year old.

Nick Bradley: We’re making the most of this. And I think the message to people is, you may be going through some really tough times. But try as best you can to see the best in this, you know, because there was a gift in here somewhere. If you really look for it.

Rock Thomas: Yeah. And the other thing that’s happening is that everybody’s going like, you know, if you have to do a zoom call and you get your dog or your kid in the background, people aren’t going like, Oh really, that’s unprofessional. People are like, Yeah, I get it.

Rock Thomas: Maybe I’ll bring my kid into or whatever. There’s this sense of, okay, how flexible. Can we be and united, you know, probably both subscribed to here who’s most flexible wins.

Rock Thomas: And is willing to adapt and look for the opportunity, etc. Now I think some people that maybe haven’t looked through that lens are starting to and hopefully there’ll be an appreciation for that.

Nick Bradley: Yeah. What are you finding rock in terms of because, you know, you obviously helped me a lot of people with what you do. You seen some similar things some similar patterns and particularly in the US because I was young, in the UK, so there might be a

Rock Thomas: Anything. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the isolation thing is there’s a lot of people that are getting stir crazy and stuff like that.

Rock Thomas: We’re seeing that a lot of people that are little pessimistic because they’re like, when is it going to end and and especially people that are poorly set up financially or

Rock Thomas: Better not in good health. They’re very concerned for me. I LIKE YOU CONSIDER MYSELF extremely fit. And I’m like, even if I get it, my mindset is okay. Like, I’ll get it. I’ll go through it and I’ll be done.

Rock Thomas: It’s there’s not even like an ounce of my brain that goes okay like you know this could kill me. I don’t even think that way, which maybe is naive, but it’s worked for me pretty much so far.

Rock Thomas: But I think the part that really concerns people is, they’re not used to uncertainty.

Rock Thomas: Yeah, you know, and Tony Robbins is, you know, says the quality of your life will be directly proportionate to the amount of uncertainty. You can comfortably live with.

Rock Thomas: And at times like this. I’ve just redirected my focus. I mean, I started playing the piano. Again, I picked 5000 oranges and the orchards from my backyard and my neighbors who are too lazy to do it.

Nick Bradley: Awesome. That’s amazing.

Rock Thomas: I got all these things that were on my get to later list. I JUST RUSHED them forward and made myself industrious and rather than going to the gym. I’m squatting while I’m picking up, you know, I mean a tree reaching and hanging on doing a pull up and then

Rock Thomas: People are amazing. Yeah.

Nick Bradley: But I love that. That’s that. But that’s the whole thing is that, you know, you said it before, there’s a bit about flexibility. There’s a bit about resilience. There’s resourcefulness.

Nick Bradley: There’s focusing on the things that you can focus on, you know, but you made the point, the very beginning, you know, people how they manage their emotions and I’ve seen this more now than ever, is probably the thing that defines quality of life more than anything else.


Rock Thomas: And people just don’t get it, and they’ve never understood it, and

Nick Bradley: You and I have kind of been involved in personal development, some time. So we’ve got strategies to be able to understand what’s going on.

Nick Bradley: And that’s where I think you know some of the stuff that we have done the lessons from that is so crucial right now. So I’m just trying to spread that message trying to help people that way and it’s working, it’s just, you know, one one conversation at a time.

Rock Thomas: You know what is amazing, is I can see now why you’re such a great coach, because you’ve already given me like three a house in this session. And I’m thinking that maybe one of the reasons you and I respond to this well is we go oh opportunity to develop my emotional IQ.

Rock Thomas: How am I going to handle this. What can I learn from it? What am I grateful for? Oh, I can work on my gratitude muscle. Oh, I can be creative with how we’re going to work out. Oh, how’s this going to serve be later. Does that make sense?

Nick Bradley: Yeah, it does. It doesn’t, that’s probably back to the very beginning when we said you know how. How are we responding, like we are versus others that are not and it’s all that because actually, you know what we’ve been doing this consistently regardless actually

Nick Bradley: You know, we’ve been doing this. Anyways, it’s kind of like, you know, you’re saying before, you know, you’re fit, you’re strong, you’re not worried so much, you get it. I’m exactly the same, partly because I’ve been putting the hours in for years.

Nick Bradley: I’ve been eating well.

Nick Bradley: So,

Nick Bradley: You know, perhaps I could affect me. But it’s not even in my mindset that it would, because I know I’ve done the work to earn the right to be in the best position if it does happen.

Rock Thomas: So you’ve got an amazing podcast, you know you’re on the other side of the pond. But podcasts are great everybody can get them right

Nick Bradley: Yeah.

Rock Thomas: We’re going to put that in the show notes. But where can people get ahold of you if they want to tap into your wisdom. They want to be coached by you.

Nick Bradley: What’s the best. Yeah. So yeah, the podcast scales up your business, you can find that on iTunes and Spotify.

Nick Bradley: Yeah, I’m very grateful. You know the story behind this rock. You know, it’s been number one in the UK on and off now for the last 12 months and

Nick Bradley: I consistently get great feedback. I did that to help people and it’s helping people. And it’s just been amazing. So

Nick Bradley: So that’s that. So people can kind of download that and then my, my personal website is Nick see

Nick Bradley: Where people can find out a little bit more information about me and what I do.

Nick Bradley: And if they’ve got businesses and they need some help they can get in touch on, I have calls with people all the time, just to kind of help them just to move them along a little bit. So now there’s no charge for that. It’s a free thing. It’s part of my way of giving back.

Rock Thomas: Yeah, well you’ve helped me a lot, you’re incredibly generous so i can i can speak to that. And you know, you are always cheerful. Find a way to add value. So I appreciate you very much. It’s late at night for you and you decided to come on and service. Anyway, so

Rock Thomas: Appreciate it.

Nick Bradley: Anytime. You’ve helped me out massively as well. Rock. So I’m very grateful for that. And always happy to serve your audience and your community in any way that I can.

Rock Thomas: Alright, well thanks for joining us on The I Am movement podcast and we’ll see all of you on the next episode. In the meantime, make sure that you touch base with Nick, follow him, and definitely listen to his number one podcasts to scale up your business. Yes.

Nick Bradley: That’s the one scale up your business, thanks Rock

Rock Thomas: Awesome. Thanks so much.

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