Episode 008: Nick Huber

Ep.008 Nick Huber
Episode 008
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Episode 008:
The Sweaty Startup - Build the Life You Want Through Service with Nick Huber

“Entrepreneurship doesn’t require that new idea, doesn’t require that venture capital, doesn’t require all that risk. Do something common uncommonly well. ”

Simon Sinek #IAmMovement

Nick Huber founded Storage Squad in 2011 and grew the business to service over 10,000 customers a year in 12 states. Now, that company generates $3MM a year in sales.

Nick is a proponent of good old fashioned entrepreneurship and doing common things uncommonly well. He believes you don’t need a new idea to become an entrepreneur –  and he’s living proof. 

It’s all about doing something in a low-risk way where you can carve out a piece of the pie and build the life you want and achieve your goals.

Topics Discussed

00:30 – Nick shared his story and how his career started.

02:50 – The process he did in his business to move forward and what they do when it’s offseason.

07:35 – Nick’s thought of being passionate about what we do.

10:55 – Where his desire for financial freedom comes from and how his parents influence him.

15:30 – Why resourcefulness is an important trait to pass on to employees and what his goal and vision growing his business. 

18:40 – How he manages his business connections and partnership.

20:00 – Is he an operator or a visionary?

21:32 – What is #IAm for Nick in terms of moving his business forward.

24:13 – Rock’s thoughts about starting your own business.

26:26 – How important setting goals for Nick.

29:50 – How early he gets up in the morning doing his journal and how he handles his priority.

32:15 – Nick’s inspirational book that gave him an impact.

Key Takeaways:

“Entrepreneurship doesn’t require that new idea, doesn’t require that venture capital, doesn’t require all that risk. If you look on your computer screen and just look around your town in what people are buying every day in businesses out there. There are a lot of opportunities.” – Nick Huber

“Let’s not look at what’s fun to do, let’s look at building the life that we want to have 5 years from now. ” – Nick Huber

“We had to pass on that resourcefulness to our employees and the way that we did that was the same thing our fathers did with us.” – Nick Huber

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You’ll Learn

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What the meaning behind building the life that you want through service?

How to be a successful entrepreneur.

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